Selena Deckelmann - PLV8

JSConf US 2013

31 May 2013

Schema design & JSON didn’t get on before plv8 and JSON datatype

Schema liberation: modelling documents/schemas so they closely resemble application-level objects (MongoDB has flexible schema for this reason so it’s popular with developers)

JSON far more friendly to the developer than a set of SQL statements

Can Postgres be flexible?

9.3 Postgres + plv8 (9.2 postgres + json_enhancements works too)

v8 = js engine plv8 = v8 embedded in Postgres

    select * from reports;
    select row_to_json(*) from reports (doesn't work - need subselect to achieve it)
    create table liberated as (
      // subselect here

2 mins to run this on huge db

JSON datatype is a First class datatype

    create table birds (sighting json);
    insert into birds values (
      // json object here
    INSERT 0 1;

create indexes, compare, join against, use JSON columns like any other Postgres column, etc.

plv8 trusted - don’t need to be a superuser to run (python is untrusted for instance, need to be superuser) - plv8 can be run by users

supports running raw SQL, prepared statements, cursors

direct JS injection (if you’re crazy enough to want to…!)

why use postgres to store JSON vs NoSQL DB?

  1. use “bulkbag” schema design + schema evolution - JSON to start, normalize to optimize. I.e. store the data at first, work out best way to normalize it later once true structure known·

  2. easily scale to multi-TB DBs, write/read heavy loads, non-cloud storage, etc

  3. manage your data with a language you love

9.3 beta is available now -

Twitter: @selenamarie


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