General thoughts during JSConf US 2013

JSConf US 2013

01 June 2013
JSConf 2013

I was fortunate enough to get a ticket for JS Conf’s 5 year reunion held in the idyllic Amelia Island, Florida. I’m posting up things I want to remember and to share with others while I’m here. This post will be updated periodically throughout the conference.

I’m also taking notes at each talk I attend and summarizing them - you can find a list of those notes from the talks here.

I write a lot of javascript at work and a lot of javascript at home, so I’d been wanting to attend a JSConf for some time. Turns out I was extremely lucky that the one I finally made it to was this one! The location is unreal, a wonderful resort on a beautiful island in Florida, next to a perfect beach.

The format is absolutely ideal too - a day of talks, a day of (optional) activities, a day of talks, a brunch to decompress and say goodbye. The talks are timed at 30 minutes each (training track aside) so you get these inspiring drops of knowledge and insight without feeling like you’re in class all day.

And the organization has been flawless. Not one thing from the moment we arrived to the current moment where I’m sat on a beach staring out at the ocean while connected to the free wifi has been difficult, nor inconvenient. Just mindblowing that an event of this nature could be pulled off with such aplomb. Great kudos to Chris and Laura Williams for their excellent stewardship and their team for everything they’ve done.

update 6/1/13

Currently sat on the plane home, reflecting on an awesome conference. Truly inspirational experience. I’ll tidy up notes and upload the remainder of my pictures, plus add some more summary about the conference as a whole once I’ve got settled in back home. If you were a part of the JSConf 2013 experience, thanks!


JSConf US 2013 - Speakers

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