Josh Holmes - Touch me, I dare you...

JSConf US 2013

29 May 2013

Surface pro comes with radio tip - pixel perfect accuracy, tilt, pressure, etc - input devices are not just mouse + touch

Touch matters: proliferation of touch devices (25% win 8 devices, smartphones, chromebook pixel)

Strategies: ignore/retrofit/design for touch Mouse emulation is often “good enough” to do nothing in some cases

Mouse: singular, touch: multiple

Recommends designing for touch 1st

Don’t use hover!

Sizing for touch (11mm avg human finger tip)

Ergonomics- think of position of user and environment

Touch hotspots - where will they naturally touch, reach of thumbs/ fingers Interaction areas: near edges. Reading areas: top/center

Pointer events capture all input device interactions

Poly fills: Hand.js Points.js



twitter: @joshholmes

JSConf 2013

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